The Devil's Dogs

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The Devil's Dog coverThree years ago Bella, a former hunt saboteur and ethnobotanist, was paralysed in an 'accident' with a 4x4 driven by a hunt follower of the Forest Hounds, and Chris Prowse, besotted with her, made it his doomed mission to continue her fight against animal cruelty.

His mutilated body was discovered in the New Forest. This is just the first murder to shatter the peaceful forest.

The sinister and enigmatic Egin Holt, a dog fight organiser known as the 'Stakeholder', calls on Gabe Swatton, a brilliant psychology undergraduate and reluctant member of a dysfunctional family committed to hunting, to arrange a special dog fight session in the forest. Holt wants to boost dog fighting in the south.

Gabe's father, Baz, and brother Zack, both terrier men for the local hunt, own two pit bulls - the Devil's Dogs – which they intend to fight.

Gabe needs the money in order to escape his toxic family, and take his abused brother with him, and he will do anything to accomplish this. He eagerly sets about arranging the fight, anticipating that he could make enough money for him and Zack to leave.

With the discovery of a beheaded badger corpse, DCI Paul Draper and his team based at the Lyndhurst station in the New Forest become aware of the brutal underworld of dog fighting in their midst and the psychopathic adherents attracted by it.

The fanatical commitment of dog fighters is matched only by Bella's determination to have her revenge, both for herself and for Chris Prowse. She devises a plan which sets in motion terrible consequences, intended and otherwise.

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The dogs exploded out of their restraints, two projectiles flying into the air toward the center of the pit. They crashed under the hot lights and, leaving a trail of spittle and fur, collapsed in an entangled, heaving heap onto the dirt of the ring...

Immediately, he was totally submerged in the enticing noise, sights and smells of the dogs and the crowd. Bets were being bellowed, money changing hands, threats screamed at the dogs.

The dogs rolled in a tight ball, jaws clamped like feeding crocs, then Zeus broke free. He dove back onto Satan, catching the back of the brindled dog's head. Satan shook and jiggered, arched his back, tried to loosen Zeus, the fine hair of his skull blushing a gruesome red with blood. Zeus threw his head back, yanking Satan up then whipped his head down. Satan hit the ground hard, his legs splaying out. But Zeus had lost his grip. Satan twisted his trunk around, swiveled onto his back, front paws revolving, back legs churning in the air, claws and teeth seeking soft belly flesh. Zeus leapt toward his exposed throat. The crowd bellowed leaning forward as one, scenting blood, faces dripping sweat, distorted with the excitement...

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